Welcome to the Art of Jeff Lint
  • Godseye Mandala

    • Chapel Window, 40" x 43" semi-precious stones with a pyrite sun center. Based upon the eastern Mandala concept of visual prayer and design. Mottled opalescent, iridescent opals.

  • Tuscany

    • Tuscany scene using traditional stained glass border made of 1" square glass jewels, and Confetti glass. The entire Image Glass interior is a composition using an image of the clients actual Tuscany home, and photography of sunflower fields and Italian vinyards. Illustrative grape cluster and leaves frame the vinette. The piece was finished with my trade mark burned wooden frame, and now sub-hangs, by chain in the home, custom fit to an interior window.

  • Saucer Men

    • This piece is a mixed media art and image glass. Inspired by the 1957 film 'Invasion of the Saucer-Men' and the Poster Art. This was the first piece of its kind to combine image glass with traditional stained glass techniques.

  • Sunshine Arch

    • The Sunshine Arch is an installation located at the Franklin Park Conservatory, Childrens Garden entrance, Columbus, Ohio.

  • Kaleidoscope

    • Video Kaleidoscope
      This project was a collaboration between myself, and Warner Brothers grand Two-way Interactive experiment "Qube". Once used for segway video and visual interest during their 21 hours of live weekly programming.

Featured Projects

Here you will find a more in depth review of current projects and past commissions. Highlights of the construction process, detailed imagery of the process, and more detailed descriptions of each piece.